Exploring Singapore’s Political Scene: A Guide to the Types of Political Parties

Types of Political Parties in Singapore

Singapore operates under a dominant-party system, with the People’s Action Party (PAP) being the ruling party since the country’s independence in 1965. However, there are several other political parties in Singapore that offer alternative views and participate in the political landscape. Here are some of the major political parties in Singapore:

1. People’s Action Party (PAP)

The People’s Action Party is the dominant political party in Singapore, led by the country’s Prime Minister. It has been in power since 1959 and advocates for economic development, meritocracy, and social stability.

2. Workers’ Party (WP)

The Workers’ Party is the main opposition party in Singapore. It focuses on social justice, workers’ rights, and welfare issues. The party has held several seats in the Parliament since the 1980s.

3. Progress Singapore Party (PSP)

The Progress Singapore Party is a relatively new political party founded in 2019. It aims to provide a check and balance to the ruling party and advocates for economic competitiveness, social equity, and political transparency.

4. Singapore Democratic Party (SDP)

The Singapore Democratic Party is an opposition party that champions civil liberties, human rights, and political reform. It promotes a more liberal and democratic society.

5. Reform Party (RP)

The Reform Party focuses on political and economic reform, including the improvement of the welfare system and more inclusive governance. It seeks to provide an alternative voice in Singaporean politics.

6. Singapore People’s Party (SPP)

The Singapore People’s Party is a centrist political party that emphasizes the importance of social justice, political accountability, and inclusiveness. It seeks to represent the interests of ordinary Singaporeans.

These are some of the prominent political parties in Singapore. It’s important to note that Singapore’s political system differs from other countries, and the ruling party has held a significant majority in the Parliament for several decades.