A Guide to Different Types of Plumeria: Unlocking the Beauty of These Exotic Blooms

Plumeria, also known as frangipani, is a tropical flowering plant known for its fragrant and vibrant blossoms. There are many different cultivars and hybrids of plumeria, resulting in a wide range of colors, forms, and fragrances. Here are some common types of plumeria:

1. Plumeria Rubra

Plumeria rubra is the most common and widely cultivated species of plumeria. It features clusters of fragrant flowers in various colors, including white, yellow, pink, red, and multi-colored. The petals often have distinct patterns, such as stripes or contrasting edges.

2. Plumeria Obtusa

Plumeria obtusa, also known as Singapore white or Singapore graveyard flower, has glossy, leathery leaves and large, white or cream-colored flowers. The flowers are often fragrant and have a waxy appearance. This species is more compact in size compared to Plumeria rubra.

3. Plumeria Pudica

Plumeria pudica, commonly called bridal bouquet or fiddle leaf plumeria, has slender, elongated leaves and white, star-shaped flowers. Unlike other plumeria species, the flowers of Plumeria pudica do not have the typical fragrance associated with plumeria. It is known for its elegant and delicate appearance.

4. Plumeria Stenopetala

Plumeria stenopetala, also known as wild frangipani or narrow-petal plumeria, has long, narrow petals that give it a distinct appearance. The flowers are typically white or cream-colored and have a sweet fragrance.

5. Plumeria Hybrids

Plumeria hybrids are created through crossbreeding different plumeria varieties. These hybrids can exhibit a wide range of colors, flower forms, and fragrances. They often combine the best traits of different plumeria species, resulting in unique and stunning blossoms.

It’s worth noting that within each type and species of plumeria, there are countless cultivars and variations available, each with its own specific characteristics. The growth habit, flower color, fragrance, and overall appearance can differ significantly even within the same species or hybrid category. Plumerias are highly valued for their beauty, fragrance, and ability to thrive in warm tropical climates, making them popular choices for gardens, landscapes, and floral arrangements.