Understanding Pivot Hinges: Different Types and Their Uses

Pivot hinges are commonly used in various applications, including doors, cabinets, and other swinging mechanisms. Here are some types of pivot hinges:

1. Butt Pivot Hinge

A butt pivot hinge consists of two pivoting plates connected by a central pin. It is often used in doors and allows the door to swing in both directions. Butt pivot hinges are commonly found in residential and commercial settings.

2. Offset Pivot Hinge

An offset pivot hinge has a unique design with the pivot point located off-center. This type of hinge allows the door to swing smoothly and efficiently. Offset pivot hinges are commonly used in commercial applications, especially for heavy-duty doors.

3. Continuous/Piano Hinge

A continuous hinge, also known as a piano hinge, is a long and narrow hinge that runs along the entire length of a door or panel. It provides continuous support and is ideal for heavy or wide doors. Continuous hinges are often used in cabinets, chests, and piano lids.

4. Pivot Sets

Pivot sets are comprehensive systems that include various components, such as top and bottom pivots, door plates, and related hardware. They provide a complete solution for door pivoting and are commonly used in commercial applications.

5. Center Hung Pivot Hinge

A center hung pivot hinge is designed to allow doors to swing on a central pivot point located at the center of the door’s top and bottom edges. This type of hinge provides a smooth swinging motion and is commonly used for large and heavy doors.

6. Floor Pivot Hinge

Floor pivot hinges, also known as bottom pivot hinges, are installed into the floor and allow doors to pivot at the bottom. They are often used for doors that need to swing in both directions and provide stability and smooth operation.

These are just a few examples of the types of pivot hinges available. The specific hinge used will depend on factors such as the application, door size and weight, desired functionality, and aesthetic preferences. It’s important to choose the right type of hinge to ensure proper operation and longevity.