Exploring the Different Types of Outlets in China: A Guide for Shoppers

In China, the electrical outlets and plugs are different from those commonly used in North America. The standard voltage in China is 220 volts, and the frequency is 50 Hz. Here are the two common types of outlets in China:

1. Type A/C

Type A/C outlets are commonly used in China. They can accept both Type A and Type C plugs. Type A/C outlets have two or three flat parallel pins, with or without grounding capabilities. They are designed for devices that operate on 220 volts. Type A/C outlets are typically found in homes, offices, hotels, and other buildings in China.

2. Type I

Type I outlets, also known as Australian outlets, are also used in some parts of China, particularly in hotels catering to international travelers. They have two or three slanted flat pins in a triangular configuration, with or without an additional grounding pin. Type I outlets are designed for devices that operate on 220 volts. It is important to note that the availability of Type I outlets may vary in different regions of China.

It’s important to note that while these are the most common outlet types in China, there may be regional variations or other outlet types used in specific locations. It is advisable to check the specific outlet type in the location you are staying or visiting and use appropriate adapters or converters if needed.

When traveling to China or using electrical devices in the country, ensure your devices are compatible with the voltage and consider using surge protectors or voltage converters if necessary. It is also recommended to consult local electrical codes or seek advice from a qualified electrician for any electrical installations or modifications to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.