Exploring Bangladesh’s Mango Varieties: A Guide to the Different Types of Mangoes in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is renowned for its diverse and flavorful mango varieties, which are widely appreciated both domestically and internationally. Here are some popular types of mangoes found in Bangladesh:

1. Langra

Langra mango is one of the most famous mango varieties in Bangladesh. It is known for its sweet, aromatic flavor and juicy, fiberless flesh. Langra mangoes have a medium to large size with a greenish skin that may show some yellow hues when fully ripe.

2. Gopalbhog

Gopalbhog mango is a highly regarded variety in Bangladesh. It is known for its distinct aroma and exceptionally sweet flavor. Gopalbhog mangoes are medium-sized with a greenish-yellow skin when ripe.

3. Himsagar

Himsagar mango is a prized mango variety in Bangladesh. It is renowned for its rich, sweet taste and delicate aroma. Himsagar mangoes are medium-sized with a golden-yellow skin when fully ripe.

4. Fazli

Fazli mango, also known as “Fazli Langra,” is a popular variety primarily grown in the Rajshahi region of Bangladesh. It is distinguished by its large size and elongated shape. Fazli mangoes have a greenish-yellow skin and a sweet, fiberless flesh.

5. Amrapali

Amrapali mango is a hybrid variety developed in India but widely cultivated in Bangladesh as well. It is prized for its excellent flavor, juicy flesh, and attractive appearance. Amrapali mangoes have a medium to large size with a yellowish skin and a sweet, aromatic taste.

6. Khirsapati

Khirsapati mango, also known as “Kheer Sapat,” is a popular variety found in Bangladesh. It is characterized by its medium size, greenish-yellow skin, and a sweet, juicy flesh. Khirsapati mangoes have a pleasant aroma and are enjoyed fresh or used in various culinary preparations.

These are just a few examples of the many mango varieties found in Bangladesh. Each type has its unique flavor profile, texture, and appearance, and mango season is eagerly awaited by people across the country. The rich and diverse mangoes of Bangladesh have gained recognition for their exceptional taste and quality.