Uncovering the Different Types of Lipstick Plants for Your Garden

Lipstick plant is a common name for several species of tropical flowering plants that belong to the genus Aeschynanthus. These plants are prized for their vibrant, tubular flowers that resemble tubes of lipstick, hence the name. Here are a few popular types of lipstick plants:

1. Aeschynanthus radicans

Also known as the Basket Vine or Lipstick Vine, Aeschynanthus radicans is one of the most commonly grown species. It has trailing vines with glossy, dark green leaves and produces clusters of tubular red flowers. It is well-suited for hanging baskets or trailing over the edges of containers.

2. Aeschynanthus pulcher

Aeschynanthus pulcher, commonly called the Red Lipstick Plant, features cascading vines with elongated leaves and striking red flowers. The blooms emerge from tubular, pointed buds and add a vibrant touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

3. Aeschynanthus lobbianus

Aeschynanthus lobbianus, also known as the Lipstick Plant ‘Mona Lisa,’ is a compact and bushy variety. It has dark green foliage and produces clusters of vivid red or orange-red flowers. It is often grown as a houseplant and can also be used in hanging baskets.

4. Aeschynanthus longicaulis

Aeschynanthus longicaulis, commonly known as the Red Pagoda Lipstick Plant, features arching stems with narrow leaves and bright red flowers. The blooms are produced in clusters, creating an eye-catching display.

These are just a few examples of the many species and varieties of lipstick plants available. Each type has its own unique growth habits, flower colors, and care requirements. Lipstick plants are cherished for their exotic and colorful blooms, making them popular choices for indoor gardening and as decorative houseplants.