Comparing the Types of Lift Gates: Which One is Right for You?

Lift gates, also known as tailgate lifts or hydraulic lifts, are devices installed on the rear of trucks, vans, or trailers to assist in loading and unloading heavy items. They provide a convenient and efficient way to lift and lower cargo, reducing the need for manual lifting. Here are some common types of lift gates:

1. Column Lift Gate

Column lift gates are a popular type of lift gate that use hydraulic cylinders and a set of columns to raise and lower the platform. They are typically installed on the rear of trucks or trailers and can handle heavy loads. Column lift gates offer a vertical lifting motion and are often used in the transportation and logistics industry.

2. Tuckaway Lift Gate

Tuckaway lift gates are designed to neatly tuck away under the rear of the vehicle when not in use. They feature folding platforms that can be stowed vertically, allowing for easier access to the cargo area. Tuckaway lift gates are commonly used in delivery trucks and vehicles with limited rear clearance.

3. Rail Lift Gate

Rail lift gates have a platform that slides along rails attached to the vehicle’s frame. They offer a smooth and controlled horizontal movement, allowing for easy loading and unloading of cargo. Rail lift gates are often used in trucks or trailers where a vertical lifting motion is not feasible.

4. Cantilever Lift Gate

Cantilever lift gates have a single-sided arm that extends from the rear of the vehicle to support the lifting platform. They provide a clear path underneath the platform, allowing for unobstructed access to the cargo area. Cantilever lift gates are commonly used in applications where maximum ground clearance is required, such as refuse collection trucks.

5. Slider Lift Gate

Slider lift gates feature a sliding mechanism that allows the platform to extend beyond the rear of the vehicle. They offer flexibility in reaching different loading/unloading positions, making them suitable for various cargo types and delivery requirements. Slider lift gates are often used in box trucks and delivery vans.

6. Folding Lift Gate

Folding lift gates have multiple hinged sections that fold accordion-style for compact storage. They are lightweight and ideal for vehicles with limited rear space. Folding lift gates are commonly used in vans and smaller delivery vehicles.

7. Level Ride Lift Gate

Level ride lift gates use an automatic leveling system to maintain a horizontal platform position, regardless of the vehicle’s angle or inclination. This ensures stable and secure loading/unloading even on uneven terrain. Level ride lift gates are commonly used in vehicles that operate in off-road or rough terrain environments.

These are just a few examples of the types of lift gates available. The choice of lift gate depends on factors such as the type of vehicle, intended application, weight capacity, space limitations, and specific loading/unloading requirements. Consulting with lift gate manufacturers and professionals is recommended to ensure the right selection and proper installation for your specific needs.