Types of Knobs: A Guide to Identifying and Installing the Right Knob for Your Home

Types of Knobs

Knobs are versatile and practical components that are commonly used to control or adjust various devices and objects. They come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs, each serving a specific purpose. Here are some common types of knobs:

1. Round Knobs

Round knobs are the most traditional and widely used type of knobs. They have a circular shape and are often found on appliances, equipment, and furniture. Round knobs are typically twisted or turned to control functions such as volume, temperature, or settings.

2. Dial Knobs

Dial knobs are similar to round knobs but feature a dial or scale around the perimeter. They are commonly found on devices that require precise adjustments, such as radios, ovens, or audio mixing boards. Dial knobs allow users to select specific values or settings by rotating the knob to the desired position on the scale.

3. Push-Button Knobs

Push-button knobs, also known as push knobs, are designed to be pressed or pushed to activate or deactivate a function. They are often used in electronics, machinery, or control panels. Push-button knobs may have different shapes, such as round or square, and can include LED lights or indicators to provide visual feedback.

4. Slider Knobs

Slider knobs consist of a linear slider mechanism that moves along a track or groove. They are commonly found on audio equipment, mixing consoles, and lighting controls. Slider knobs allow users to adjust variables like volume, balance, or brightness by sliding the knob along the designated path.

5. T-Bar Knobs

T-bar knobs, also known as T-handle knobs, have a T-shaped design that provides a comfortable grip and leverage. They are often used on machinery, equipment, or tools that require a firm and secure control. T-bar knobs can be rotated or turned to operate functions or adjust settings.

6. Indicator Knobs

Indicator knobs feature a transparent or translucent outer layer with markings or symbols visible underneath. They are commonly used in instruments, gauges, or control panels where visual reference is essential. Indicator knobs enable users to align the markings or symbols with specific values or indicators for accurate adjustments.


Knobs are functional and essential components used in various devices, equipment, and appliances to control settings and functions. Whether you encounter round knobs for general purposes, dial knobs for precise adjustments, push-button knobs for activation, slider knobs for linear controls, T-bar knobs for a firm grip, or indicator knobs for visual reference, each type serves its purpose in providing convenient and effective user interaction. The specific type of knob used depends on the intended functionality and design of the object or device in question.