A Sneakerhead’s Guide to the Different Types of Jordans

Types of Jordans

Jordans are a popular line of sneakers produced by Nike in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan. Since the introduction of the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, the brand has expanded to include various models and editions. Here are some notable types of Jordans:

1. Air Jordan Retro

The Air Jordan Retro line refers to re-released versions of the original Air Jordan models. These sneakers pay homage to the iconic designs and colorways that gained popularity during Michael Jordan’s basketball career. The Retro line includes models such as the Air Jordan 1 Retro, Air Jordan 3 Retro, Air Jordan 11 Retro, and more.

2. Air Jordan Signature Series

The Air Jordan Signature Series features sneakers that were specifically designed for Michael Jordan during his professional basketball career. Each model in this line bears Jordan’s name and incorporates his input into the design. The Signature Series includes models such as the Air Jordan 4, Air Jordan 5, Air Jordan 6, and others.

3. Air Jordan Off-White Collaboration

The Air Jordan Off-White Collaboration is a special collection created through a collaboration between Jordan Brand and fashion designer Virgil Abloh’s label, Off-White. This collaboration combines the iconic Air Jordan models with Abloh’s distinct design elements and deconstructed aesthetic. Examples include the Air Jordan 1 Off-White, Air Jordan 5 Off-White, and Air Jordan 4 Off-White.

4. Air Jordan Pinnacle Collection

The Air Jordan Pinnacle Collection consists of premium and luxurious versions of Air Jordan models. These sneakers feature high-quality materials, unique colorways, and premium detailing. The Pinnacle Collection offers elevated designs and craftsmanship, often incorporating elements like exotic leather, metallic accents, and special packaging.

5. Air Jordan Spizike

The Air Jordan Spizike is a hybrid sneaker that combines elements from multiple Air Jordan models. Designed by Spike Lee and inspired by his longstanding relationship with Michael Jordan, the Spizike blends design cues from the Air Jordan 3, 4, 5, 6, and 20. The result is a unique and distinctive silhouette that pays tribute to the legacy of both Jordan and Lee.

6. Air Jordan Future

The Air Jordan Future introduced a lifestyle-oriented approach to the Jordan Brand. These sneakers combine elements of sportswear and street style, featuring a woven upper and a sleek, minimalist design. The Air Jordan Future line offers a fashionable and casual alternative to the traditional basketball-inspired Jordans.


The Jordan Brand has expanded its lineup to include a wide range of models, collaborations, and editions. From the classic retro releases to the signature series, special collaborations, premium collections, and lifestyle-oriented designs, there is a diverse selection of Jordans available to suit different preferences and styles. Each model carries the legacy of Michael Jordan’s basketball career and has become a cultural icon in the world of sneakers and fashion.