The Different Types of Jig Heads and When to Use Them

Types of Jig Heads

Jig heads are weighted hooks that are commonly used in fishing to attach soft plastic lures. They come in various shapes and designs, each suited for different fishing conditions and target species. Here are some common types of jig heads:

1. Round Jig Head

The round jig head is a classic and versatile design. It features a rounded head with a single hook and is available in different weights and sizes. Round jig heads are commonly used for a wide range of fishing applications and species. They work well for casting, vertical jigging, and bouncing along the bottom.

2. Football Jig Head

The football jig head has a distinct shape resembling a football. It features a broad, flat bottom that provides stability and prevents rolling on the bottom. Football jig heads are ideal for fishing rocky or uneven terrains, as they help reduce snagging. They are often used for bottom fishing, especially for species like bass and walleye.

3. Swim Jig Head

Swim jig heads are specifically designed for creating a swimming action when retrieved through the water. They have a streamlined shape and are typically equipped with a weed guard to navigate through vegetation. Swim jig heads are effective for targeting fish in shallow water or areas with submerged structure.

4. Bullet Jig Head

Bullet jig heads feature a streamlined, bullet-shaped design. They have a pointed head that allows for easier penetration through weeds and cover. Bullet jig heads are commonly used for fishing in heavy cover, such as dense vegetation or submerged logs. They work well for flipping and pitching techniques.

5. Tube Jig Head

Tube jig heads are specifically designed for fishing with tube baits. They have a cylindrical shape with a protruding hook that is inserted into the hollow body of a tube bait. Tube jig heads provide a natural presentation and are effective for various species, including bass, walleye, and panfish.

6. Shaky Head Jig

Shaky head jigs feature a stand-up design that keeps the bait in an upright position when resting on the bottom. They are typically used for finesse fishing techniques and work well for targeting finicky or inactive fish. Shaky head jigs are often paired with soft plastic worms or creature baits.

7. Ned Rig Jig Head

Ned rig jig heads are specifically designed for the popular Ned rig technique. They have a mushroom-shaped head with a small, exposed hook. Ned rig jig heads are typically lightweight and used with finesse-style soft plastic baits. They are effective for targeting bass and other species in clear or pressured waters.

8. Weedless Jig Head

Weedless jig heads are designed to minimize snagging and allow for fishing in vegetation-rich areas. They feature a weed guard that helps prevent the hook from getting caught in weeds or other debris. Weedless jig heads are commonly used for fishing in areas with heavy cover, including grass beds and lily pads.


The selection of the appropriate jig head depends on the fishing technique, target species, and fishing conditions. Round jig heads, football jig heads, swim jig heads, bullet jig heads, tube jig heads, shaky head jigs, Ned rig jig heads, and weedless jig heads are just a few examples of the many types available. It’s important to match the jig head to the fishing situation to maximize success and increase your chances of landing the desired catch.