Headshots 101: A Guide to Different Types of Professional Headshots

Headshots are professional photographs that focus primarily on a person’s face, typically from the shoulders up. They are commonly used in various industries such as acting, modeling, corporate profiles, and professional branding. Here are some common types of headshots:

1. Commercial Headshots:

Commercial headshots are typically used for advertising, marketing, and promotional purposes. They aim to capture the individual’s friendly, approachable, and versatile qualities. Commercial headshots often have a natural and warm look, showcasing a person’s personality and charisma.

2. Theatrical Headshots:

Theatrical headshots are mainly used by actors for auditions and casting calls. They focus on capturing the actor’s range and ability to portray different characters. Theatrical headshots can vary in style and expression, from serious and dramatic to more lighthearted and expressive.

3. Corporate Headshots:

Corporate headshots are intended for professional use in business settings. They often have a more formal and polished appearance, showcasing professionalism and competence. Corporate headshots are commonly used for employee profiles, LinkedIn profiles, business websites, and other professional platforms.

4. Model Headshots:

Model headshots are specifically tailored to the modeling industry. They emphasize the individual’s unique features, versatility, and ability to convey different looks and moods. Model headshots can include various styles, from close-up beauty shots to full-length poses, depending on the modeling niche and requirements.

5. Acting Headshots:

Acting headshots are designed to capture an actor’s range, personality, and ability to convey emotions. They often showcase the actor’s versatility and suitability for different roles. Acting headshots can include a variety of expressions, wardrobe choices, and lighting techniques to highlight the actor’s skills and potential.

It’s important to note that the specific style and approach of headshots may vary based on industry standards, individual preferences, and the intended purpose of the photographs. Professional photographers specializing in headshot photography can provide guidance and expertise to ensure the headshots align with the industry requirements and the individual’s professional goals.