Different Types of Green Turquoise and How to Spot the Best Quality

Types of Green Turquoise

Green turquoise is a variant of the popular gemstone known for its distinct green color. It is highly valued for its unique beauty and is used in various types of jewelry and ornamental objects. Here are some common types of green turquoise:

1. Mojave Turquoise

Mojave turquoise is a type of green turquoise that is created through a stabilization process. It involves infusing natural Kingman turquoise with a copper-based matrix, resulting in beautiful green hues with intricate patterns.

2. Carico Lake Turquoise

Carico Lake turquoise is known for its vibrant green color, ranging from light to medium shades. It is mined in Nevada and is highly prized for its unique appearance and fine quality. Carico Lake turquoise often features distinctive matrix patterns that add character to the stone.

3. Damele Turquoise

Damele turquoise, also known as variscite or green Nevada turquoise, is a type of green gemstone with a bright and lively hue. It is named after the Damele family who first discovered this stone in Nevada. Damele turquoise is often sought after for its beautiful green color and unique patterns.

4. Morenci Turquoise

Morenci turquoise is a highly regarded type of turquoise mined in Arizona. It is known for its deep blue-green color, often featuring attractive matrix patterns in various colors, including brown, black, and pyrite inclusions. Morenci turquoise can exhibit stunning green variations, making it a sought-after choice among collectors and jewelry enthusiasts.

5. Kingman Turquoise

While Kingman turquoise is predominantly known for its blue shades, it can also occur in green variations. Green Kingman turquoise displays a range of green hues, from light green to deep emerald, and may exhibit unique matrix patterns that add character to the stone.

It’s important to note that the appearance and availability of different types of green turquoise may vary. Each variety has its own distinct characteristics and appeal. When choosing green turquoise, it’s recommended to consider factors such as color, matrix patterns, and personal preferences to find the perfect piece for your jewelry or decorative needs.