Identifying Common Types of Grass Stickers and How to Get Rid of Them

Types of Grass Stickers (Burrs)

Grass stickers, commonly known as burrs, are prickly seeds or fruits that attach themselves to clothing, fur, or skin. These stickers can cause discomfort, cling to fabrics, and spread to other areas. Here are some common types of grass stickers:

1. Common Burdock (Arctium minus)

Common Burdock is a biennial plant that produces round, spiky burrs. These burrs have numerous hooked bristles that easily cling to clothing, hair, and animal fur. Common Burdock is known for its ability to spread quickly and is often found in disturbed areas and along roadsides.

2. Cocklebur (Xanthium spp.)

Cocklebur is a weed that produces distinctive burrs covered in stiff bristles. The burrs have two parts, each containing a seed. The bristles are hooked, allowing the burrs to easily attach to passing animals or clothing. Cocklebur plants are commonly found in fields, ditches, and waste areas.

3. Sandbur (Cenchrus spp.)

Sandbur is a grass weed that produces spiky burrs covered in sharp, needle-like bristles. The burrs are often found at the base of the grass plant and can cause discomfort if stepped on or brushed against. Sandbur is prevalent in sandy or dry areas such as beaches, dunes, and open fields.

4. Stickseed (Hackelia spp.)

Stickseed is a plant genus that produces small, round burrs covered in hooked spines. These burrs attach themselves to passing animals, clothing, or fur, aiding in seed dispersal. Stickseed plants are typically found in woodland areas, meadows, and disturbed habitats.

5. Beggar’s Lice (Desmodium spp.)

Beggar’s Lice, also known as tick-trefoil, is a group of plants that produce small burrs covered in tiny hooked hairs. These burrs easily adhere to clothing, fur, or feathers, facilitating seed dispersal. Beggar’s Lice plants are often found in open fields, roadsides, and disturbed areas.

6. Burr Medic (Medicago polymorpha)

Burr Medic is a weed that produces small burrs covered in stiff bristles. The burrs attach themselves to passing objects or animals, aiding in seed dispersal. Burr Medic is commonly found in lawns, pastures, and open fields.


Grass stickers or burrs can be a nuisance due to their ability to cling to clothing, fur, or skin. Common burrs like those from Common Burdock, Cocklebur, Sandbur, Stickseed, Beggar’s Lice, and Burr Medic have various adaptations that allow them to spread their seeds by attaching to passing objects. Being aware of these grass stickers can help in avoiding contact and taking necessary precautions, such as wearing protective clothing or removing burrs promptly to prevent their spread.