Gin Made Easy: A Guide to the Different Types of Gin

Gin is a popular spirit that comes in various styles and flavors. It is primarily characterized by its predominant flavoring agentā€”juniper berries. Here are some types of gin:

1. London Dry Gin

London Dry Gin is a classic style of gin known for its dry and juniper-forward flavor profile. It is made through the process of redistilling a neutral grain spirit with botanicals, including juniper, coriander, citrus peel, and various other herbs and spices. London Dry Gin doesn’t have any added sweeteners or flavors after distillation.

2. Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin is a style of gin that originates from the English city of Plymouth. It is known for its slightly sweeter and less juniper-forward taste compared to London Dry Gin. Plymouth Gin must be made in Plymouth and is subject to specific production guidelines.

3. Old Tom Gin

Old Tom Gin is a historical style of gin that has experienced a revival in recent years. It is slightly sweeter than London Dry Gin and is characterized by its use of botanicals like licorice or other sweetening agents. Old Tom Gin is often used in classic cocktail recipes like the Tom Collins.

4. Genever (Jenever)

Genever, also known as Jenever, is a traditional Dutch and Belgian style of gin. It is made from a blend of malted grains and distilled with juniper and other botanicals. Genever has a distinct malty flavor and can be categorized into different styles, including Jonge (young) and Oude (old) Genever.

5. New Western (Contemporary) Gin

New Western or Contemporary Gin refers to a newer style of gin that deviates from the traditional juniper-forward profile. These gins focus on highlighting different botanicals and flavors, often using non-traditional ingredients. New Western Gins may feature citrus, floral, herbal, or fruity notes, offering a wider range of flavor possibilities.

6. Flavored Gins

Flavored gins are infused with additional botanicals or flavors beyond the typical juniper base. These can include variations such as citrus-infused gins, berry-flavored gins, or herb-infused gins. Flavored gins offer a diverse range of tastes and can be enjoyed in various cocktails or mixed drinks.

It’s important to note that these are just a few examples of gin styles, and there are many unique and innovative gins available that may not fit into specific categories. The flavor and style of gin can vary significantly depending on the distillation methods, botanicals used, and the creativity of the distiller. Whether you prefer a classic London Dry Gin or enjoy exploring the world of contemporary gin flavors, there is a wide array of options to suit different preferences and cocktail creations.