Futon Shopping 101: Types of Futons and What to Look For

Futons are versatile pieces of furniture that serve as both seating and sleeping surfaces. They are popular for their space-saving design and flexibility. Here are some common types of futons:

1. Bifold Futons

Bifold futons are the most common and traditional type of futon. They consist of a mattress that folds in half to form a seating position and unfolds to create a bed. Bifold futons typically have a bi-fold frame that provides support and stability. The mattress can be made of various materials, including foam, cotton, or a combination of both.

2. Trifold Futons

Trifold futons, as the name suggests, fold into three sections instead of two like bifold futons. They offer additional folding points, allowing for more versatility in positioning and transforming between seating and sleeping modes. Trifold futons often have a more compact design and can be a suitable choice for smaller spaces.

3. Loveseat Futons

Loveseat futons are smaller in size compared to traditional futons and are designed to comfortably accommodate two people in a seating position. They often feature a split-back design, allowing each person to adjust the backrest to their preferred angle independently. Loveseat futons are ideal for small living spaces or as an additional seating option in bedrooms or home offices.

4. Futon Chairs

Futon chairs are single-seat futons that function as both a chair and a bed. They provide a comfortable seating option that can be quickly converted into a sleeping surface by unfolding the backrest. Futon chairs are versatile and convenient, especially in spaces where a larger futon may not fit.

5. Futon Sofas

Futon sofas are designed to resemble traditional sofas with a futon mattress as the seating and sleeping surface. They typically have a sturdy frame, armrests, and a backrest that can be adjusted to different positions. Futon sofas are an excellent choice for living rooms or guest rooms, providing comfortable seating during the day and a convenient bed for overnight guests.

6. Convertible Futon Beds

Convertible futon beds combine the functionality of a futon with a standalone bed. They often feature a frame and mattress that can be detached from the seating position and used independently as a bed. This type of futon offers the flexibility of converting between a sofa, lounger, or bed according to the user’s needs.

These are some common types of futons available in the market. The choice of futon depends on factors such as space availability, desired functionality, comfort preferences, and overall decor style. It’s important to consider the quality of the frame, mattress, and upholstery materials when selecting a futon to ensure long-lasting durability and comfort.