The Different Types of Femme: Exploring Femininity Beyond the Binary

Types of Femme

Femme is a term that originated within the LGBTQ+ community to describe individuals who embrace and express femininity in various ways. It is important to note that femme identity is diverse and can be expressed differently by different individuals. Here are some common types of femme identities:

1. High Femme

High Femme refers to individuals who embrace and embody a highly feminine presentation. They may emphasize traditional markers of femininity, such as wearing dresses, skirts, and high heels, and using makeup and accessories. High Femme individuals often prioritize glamour, elegance, and a polished appearance.

2. Soft Femme

Soft Femme describes individuals who embody femininity with a gentle and nurturing demeanor. They may lean towards a more casual and comfortable style while still embracing feminine clothing and accessories. Soft Femme individuals often prioritize creating safe and supportive spaces and can have a nurturing and caring personality.

3. Tomboy Femme

Tomboy Femme refers to individuals who blend elements of both femininity and masculinity in their expression. They may combine traditionally feminine clothing and styles with elements of a more androgynous or tomboyish presentation. Tomboy Femme individuals challenge traditional gender norms by embracing a unique and personal blend of femininity and masculinity.

4. Sporty Femme

Sporty Femme describes individuals who express their femininity through athletic or sporty styles. They may prefer comfortable and practical clothing choices, such as athletic wear, sneakers, and casual outfits, while still maintaining a sense of femininity. Sporty Femme individuals often enjoy engaging in physical activities and prioritize an active and healthy lifestyle.

5. Retro Femme

Retro Femme refers to individuals who draw inspiration from past eras in their presentation. They may embrace vintage clothing styles, hairstyles, and makeup reminiscent of different time periods. Retro Femme individuals often have a love for vintage aesthetics and may incorporate classic elements into their everyday looks.

6. Punk Femme

Punk Femme describes individuals who combine elements of punk subculture with feminine expression. They may incorporate punk fashion, such as edgy clothing, bold makeup, piercings, and unique hairstyles, while still maintaining a sense of femininity. Punk Femme individuals often challenge societal expectations by merging rebelliousness with feminine presentation.

It is essential to remember that these categories are not exhaustive, and there is a wide range of femme identities that exist. Each individual’s expression of femme is unique and can evolve over time. It is also important to recognize that femme identity is not limited to assigned female at birth individuals and can be embraced by individuals of various gender identities.