Understanding Eye Bolts: A Complete Guide to Different Types of Eye Bolts

Types of Eye Bolts

Eye bolts are versatile fasteners used for various applications that require a secure anchor point for lifting, rigging, or attaching objects. They typically have a loop or eye-shaped structure at one end to which ropes, cables, or hooks can be attached. Here are some common types of eye bolts:

1. Shoulder Eye Bolts

Shoulder eye bolts feature a shoulder or collar between the threaded shank and the eye. This design provides additional support and prevents the bolt from rotating during installation. They are commonly used for lifting or rigging applications and can handle heavy loads.

2. Regular Eye Bolts

Regular eye bolts have a straight shank with a forged or welded eye at one end. They are suitable for general-purpose applications and are available in various sizes and load capacities. Regular eye bolts can be used for lifting light to moderate loads and for attaching objects securely.

3. Screw Eye Bolts

Screw eye bolts have a threaded shank with a closed loop or eye at the end. They are designed to be screwed into a pre-drilled hole or threaded insert, providing a secure anchor point. Screw eye bolts are commonly used for hanging lightweight objects, such as small signs, picture frames, or decorative items.

4. Lag Eye Bolts

Lag eye bolts, also known as lag screw eye bolts, have a threaded shank and a larger eye that allows for easy attachment of ropes or cables. They are designed to be screwed directly into wood or other soft materials, providing a strong anchor point. Lag eye bolts are commonly used in construction, woodworking, and outdoor applications.

5. Shoulder Machinery Eye Bolts

Shoulder machinery eye bolts are specifically designed for heavy-duty applications in industrial machinery and equipment. They have a larger shoulder or collar, providing increased load-bearing capacity and improved stability. Shoulder machinery eye bolts are commonly used for lifting or securing heavy machinery components.

6. Welded Eye Bolts

Welded eye bolts have an eye that is welded directly to the shank, creating a strong and durable connection. They are commonly used in applications where a permanent anchor point is required. Welded eye bolts can be used for lifting, rigging, and securing objects in various industries.

It’s important to choose the appropriate type and size of eye bolt based on the specific application and load requirements. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult with a qualified professional for proper installation and usage.