Everything You Need to Know About Earring Closures: Types and Styles

Types of Earring Closures

Earring closures refer to the mechanisms or methods used to secure earrings in place. They play an essential role in ensuring that earrings are secure, comfortable to wear, and easy to put on and take off. Here are some common types of earring closures:

Butterfly Back

The butterfly back, also known as the friction back or push back, is one of the most common earring closures. It consists of a small metal piece with a post that passes through the ear piercing. The butterfly-shaped metal back slides onto the post, securing the earring in place. It provides a secure and adjustable closure for various earring styles.

Screw Back

Screw back closures feature a threaded post that screws into a matching threaded earring back. This type of closure provides a secure and adjustable fit, making it suitable for valuable or heavier earrings. The screw back closure requires twisting the earring back to tighten or loosen it.

Lever Back

Lever back closures feature a hinged lever mechanism that snaps into place to secure the earring. The lever opens to allow the earring to be inserted into the ear piercing and then closes to hold it in place. Lever back closures offer a secure and comfortable fit, and they are commonly used for dangle or drop earrings.

Hinged Hoop

Hinged hoop closures are commonly used for hoop earrings. They feature a small hinge that allows the earring to open and close. The earring is secured by aligning the ends of the hoop and pushing them together until they click into place. Hinged hoop closures are easy to use and provide a secure and seamless look.


Magnetic closures use magnets to hold the earring in place. One part of the earring contains a small magnet, while the other part has a metal piece that attracts the magnet, creating a secure closure. Magnetic closures are convenient and easy to use, particularly for individuals with sensitive or unpierced ears.

Latch Back

Latch back closures, also known as snap back or click top closures, feature a hinged mechanism that snaps shut to secure the earring. They offer a secure and reliable closure and are commonly used for hoop earrings. Latch back closures are easy to use and provide a seamless and comfortable fit.

These are just a few examples of earring closures commonly used in jewelry. The choice of earring closure depends on the style of the earrings, personal preference, and comfort. Whether you prefer a classic butterfly back, a secure screw back, or a convenient magnetic closure, there is an earring closure option to suit your needs.