The Essential Guide to Different Types of Door Catches

There are various types of door catches available, designed to hold doors securely in place when closed. Here are some common types of door catches:

1. Ball Catches

Ball catches consist of a spring-loaded ball that fits into a strike plate. When the door is closed, the ball catches into the strike plate, holding the door in place. Ball catches are often used for interior doors and are simple to install and operate.

2. Roller Catches

Roller catches feature a small roller that rolls into a strike plate when the door is closed, providing a secure hold. Roller catches are commonly used on cabinet doors, wardrobe doors, or other lightweight interior doors.

3. Magnetic Catches

Magnetic catches utilize magnets to hold the door in place. They consist of a magnetic plate attached to the door and a metal plate attached to the door frame. When the door is closed, the magnets attract each other, creating a secure hold. Magnetic catches are often used for cabinet doors, closet doors, or other lightweight interior doors.

4. Bifold Door Catches

Bifold door catches are specifically designed for bifold doors, which fold in half when opened. These catches typically consist of a spring-loaded mechanism that holds the door panels together when closed. Bifold door catches ensure that the door remains in position and prevents it from swinging open.

5. Slide Bolt Latches

Slide bolt latches are surface-mounted latches that use a sliding bolt or bar to secure the door. They are often used on doors where a lock is not required, such as interior doors or gates. Slide bolt latches provide a simple and effective way to keep the door closed.

When choosing a door catch, consider the type of door and its purpose. Additionally, ensure that the catch is suitable for the door material and provides the level of security or convenience desired for the specific application.