The Best Types of Dinner Rolls and How to Make Them at Home

Types of Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are a popular side dish often served with meals or used for sandwiches. They come in various shapes, sizes, and flavors. Here are some common types of dinner rolls:

1. Plain Rolls

Plain dinner rolls are classic and versatile. They have a soft texture and a mild taste, making them a great accompaniment to any meal.

2. Butter Rolls

Butter rolls are enriched with butter, giving them a rich and slightly sweet flavor. They are soft and often have a glossy golden crust.

3. Garlic Rolls

Garlic rolls are infused with garlic flavor. They may have garlic butter brushed on top or garlic seasoning mixed into the dough, providing a savory and aromatic taste.

4. Cheese Rolls

Cheese rolls are made with grated or shredded cheese mixed into the dough. They can have various types of cheese, such as cheddar, Parmesan, or mozzarella, offering a delightful cheesy flavor.

5. Herb Rolls

Herb rolls are flavored with herbs like rosemary, thyme, or basil. These aromatic herbs add a fragrant and savory element to the rolls, enhancing their overall taste.

6. Whole Wheat Rolls

Whole wheat rolls are made with whole wheat flour, providing a nutty and slightly denser texture compared to regular rolls. They are a healthier option and have a hearty flavor.

7. Sweet Rolls

Sweet rolls, such as Hawaiian rolls or cinnamon rolls, are enriched with sugar, butter, and sometimes spices or fruits. They have a sweet and indulgent taste, often enjoyed as a dessert or breakfast item.

8. Parker House Rolls

Parker House rolls are soft and buttery rolls that are slightly folded in half before baking, giving them a distinctive shape. They have a fluffy texture and a rich flavor.

9. Pretzel Rolls

Pretzel rolls are inspired by traditional pretzels and have a chewy texture and a deep brown crust. They are often topped with coarse salt for an extra burst of flavor.

10. Onion Rolls

Onion rolls have diced or caramelized onions mixed into the dough, providing a savory and slightly sweet taste. They can be enjoyed as a standalone roll or as a base for sandwiches.

These are just a few examples of the wide variety of dinner rolls available. Each type offers its own unique flavor profile, allowing you to choose the perfect roll to complement your meal.