Types of Deer Mounts: A Comprehensive Guide to Showcasing Your Trophy

Deer mounts are taxidermy displays of preserved deer, typically showcasing the animal’s head and antlers. There are several types of deer mounts, each offering a different presentation and style. Here are some common types of deer mounts:

1. Shoulder Mount

A shoulder mount is the most traditional and popular type of deer mount. It features the deer’s head, neck, and shoulders, often mounted on a wooden or synthetic plaque. The deer’s hide is skillfully preserved and stretched over a form, and the antlers are securely attached. This mount provides a realistic representation of the deer in a lifelike pose.

2. European Mount

An European mount, also known as a skull mount, displays the cleaned and bleached skull of the deer along with the antlers. The hide and flesh are carefully removed, leaving only the skull and antlers. The skull is often mounted on a plaque or board, showcasing the natural bone structure of the deer. European mounts are a popular choice for hunters seeking a minimalist and rustic display.

3. Pedestal Mount

A pedestal mount elevates the deer’s head and neck on a custom-designed pedestal or base. It offers a more dynamic and artistic presentation, allowing for creative positioning and posing of the deer’s head. The mount can incorporate natural elements, such as rocks, logs, or vegetation, to create a natural habitat setting.

4. Full-Body Mount

A full-body mount showcases the entire deer, including the head, neck, and the complete body. This mount is typically used for special occasions or trophy animals and requires significant space for display. Full-body mounts aim to depict the deer in a lifelike pose, standing or in motion, with realistic details in the fur and eyes.

5. Antler Mount

An antler mount focuses solely on displaying the antlers of the deer. The antlers are detached from the skull and mounted on a plaque or board. They may be arranged in a symmetrical or natural position, often with decorative elements such as velvet covering or engraved plaques detailing the hunt.

It’s important to note that deer mounts should be handled and displayed with care to preserve their condition and longevity. The choice of mount type depends on personal preferences, available space, and the desired aesthetic. Professional taxidermists can offer guidance and expertise in creating and preserving deer mounts to ensure a quality display.