Top 10 Types of Compound Bows: Find the Right One for You

Types of Compound Bows

Compound bows are popular among archers and hunters for their mechanical advantages and precision. They utilize a system of cams and cables to generate high arrow speeds with reduced effort. Here are some common types of compound bows:

1. Single Cam Compound Bows

Single cam compound bows, also known as solo cams or one-cam bows, feature a single eccentric cam on the bottom limb and a round idler wheel on the top limb. The design simplifies tuning and reduces maintenance requirements. Single cam bows are known for their smooth draw cycles and quiet shots, making them popular among hunters.

2. Binary Cam Compound Bows

Binary cam compound bows incorporate a dual-cam system with two eccentric cams on the top and bottom limbs, connected by a control cable. The cams work in synchronization, reducing the need for tuning and improving accuracy. Binary cam bows offer a good balance between speed and ease of use, making them versatile for various applications.

3. Hybrid Cam Compound Bows

Hybrid cam compound bows combine the features of single cam and binary cam systems. They use a different cam design on each limb, with one cam featuring a control cable and the other featuring a power cable. The hybrid cam configuration enhances accuracy, provides a smooth draw, and offers high arrow speeds. These bows are popular among both target shooters and hunters.

4. Cams and a Half Compound Bows

Cams and a half compound bows, also known as hybrid cam or dual cam plus systems, feature two asymmetric elliptical cams, typically with one larger and one smaller cam. The larger cam controls the power while the smaller cam provides precision. This design allows for efficient energy transfer and improved accuracy.

5. Lever Cam Compound Bows

Lever cam compound bows utilize a levering system that replaces traditional cams. The limbs of the bow are attached to levers, which multiply the force applied and provide a smooth draw cycle. Lever cam bows offer reduced hand shock, minimal recoil, and increased accuracy, making them popular in target archery.

6. Bow Fishing Compound Bows

Bow fishing compound bows are specifically designed for fishing. They often feature heavier draw weights, specialized reels, and durable construction to withstand the harsh conditions of fishing in water. These bows typically have a shorter axle-to-axle length and specialized accessories, such as bowfishing reels and arrows equipped with barbs.


Compound bows come in various designs and configurations, each offering different advantages for different purposes. Whether it’s single cam, binary cam, hybrid cam, cams and a half, lever cam, or bow fishing compound bows, they all provide unique features and benefits to cater to the preferences and needs of archers and hunters. Selecting the right compound bow depends on factors such as shooting style, intended use, draw weight, axle-to-axle length, and personal preferences for accuracy, speed, and ease of use.