The Essential Guide to Women’s Shirts: How to Choose the Right Collar Style

Women’s shirts can feature various types of collars, each with its own style and aesthetic. Here are some common types of collars found on women’s shirts:

1. Point Collar

Point collars are the most traditional and classic type of collar. They have pointed ends that are spread apart, creating a V-shaped opening at the front. Point collars are versatile and can be found on a wide range of women’s shirts, from formal button-downs to casual blouses.

2. Peter Pan Collar

The Peter Pan collar is a rounded and flat collar that typically lies flat against the garment. It features a youthful and feminine look, often seen on dresses, blouses, and tops for a whimsical and retro style.

3. Mandarin Collar

The Mandarin collar, also known as the Nehru collar, is a short, stand-up collar that typically doesn’t fold over. It originates from traditional Chinese attire and offers a sleek and minimalist look. Mandarin collars are often found on formal blouses, jackets, and tunics.

4. Spread Collar

Spread collars have wider collar points that are spread apart, creating a larger opening at the front. They provide a more modern and fashionable look and are often found on dress shirts and tailored blouses. The spread collar can range from a moderate spread to a wide spread, influencing the overall style and formality of the shirt.

5. Band Collar

The band collar, also known as the collarless or grandad collar, is a collar style without a folded or standing collar. Instead, it features a simple band or strip of fabric around the neck. Band collars offer a clean and minimalist look, often seen on casual shirts, tunic tops, or bohemian-inspired blouses.

6. Ruffle Collar

Ruffle collars are characterized by decorative ruffles or frills along the collar edge. They add a feminine and romantic touch to shirts, blouses, or dresses. Ruffle collars can be small and delicate or more pronounced, depending on the desired style.

These are just a few examples of the types of collars you may find on women’s shirts. The choice of collar can greatly influence the overall style, formality, and character of a shirt. Different collars suit different occasions, personal preferences, and fashion trends. When shopping for women’s shirts, consider the collar style that complements your desired look and enhances your individual style.