Exploring the Different Types of Coffee Beans in the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich coffee heritage and produces several types of coffee beans. Here are some types of coffee beans from the Philippines:

1. Arabica

Arabica beans are grown in various regions of the Philippines, such as Benguet, Sagada, and Mount Kitanglad. Philippine Arabica beans are known for their delicate flavors, medium acidity, and a wide range of flavor notes. They often exhibit fruity, floral, and sometimes nutty or chocolatey characteristics.

2. Robusta

Robusta beans are the dominant coffee variety in the Philippines and are widely cultivated in regions like Cavite, Batangas, and Mindanao. Philippine Robusta beans are known for their strong and robust flavors, high caffeine content, and full-bodied profile. They often offer earthy, nutty, and sometimes bitter notes.

3. Excelsa

Excelsa beans are unique to the Philippines and are grown in regions like Batangas and Cavite. They were once considered a separate coffee species but are now classified as part of the Liberica family. Philippine Excelsa beans have a distinct flavor profile, often described as having a tart and fruity taste with hints of dark chocolate.

4. Barako

Barako is a term commonly used in the Philippines to refer to Liberica coffee beans. The name “Barako” comes from the Filipino term for “strong man” and reflects the strong and bold flavors of the beans. Philippine Barako beans are known for their full body, intense aroma, and unique taste that combines earthy, nutty, and fruity notes.

These are some of the prominent coffee beans from the Philippines. The country’s coffee industry is diverse, with different regions offering unique flavor profiles and characteristics. Filipino coffee beans are celebrated for their distinct flavors, history, and the cultural significance they hold in the local coffee scene.