Types of Candle Holders: A Guide to Choosing the Right Ones

There are various types of candle holders available, each offering a unique design and functionality. Here are some common types of candle holders:

1. Pillar Candle Holders:

– Plate Candle Holders: Simple, flat plates designed to hold pillar candles.
– Pedestal Candle Holders: Stand-alone holders with a raised base to elevate pillar candles.
– Hurricane Candle Holders: Glass or metal holders that encase pillar candles, offering both protection and decorative appeal.

2. Taper Candle Holders:

– Candlestick Holders: Tall, slender holders specifically designed for taper candles.
– Chamberstick Holders: Small, portable holders with a handle for carrying taper candles.

3. Votive Candle Holders:

– Glass Votive Holders: Small, transparent glass containers designed to hold votive candles.
– Decorative Votive Holders: Various decorative designs and materials, such as ceramic or metal, to enhance the aesthetics of votive candles.

4. Tea Light Candle Holders:

– Tea Light Holders: Small, shallow holders specifically designed for tea light candles.
– Floating Candle Holders: Holders that allow tea light candles to float on water, creating an enchanting display.

5. Wall Sconces:

– Wall-mounted candle holders that provide an elevated and decorative way to display candles.

6. Lanterns:

– Candle Lanterns: Enclosed holders with glass panels that protect the candle flame from wind and provide a warm glow.
– Hanging Lanterns: Lanterns designed to be suspended from a hook or chain, creating an ambient and inviting atmosphere.

These are just a few examples of candle holders available in the market. The options are diverse, ranging from traditional and ornate designs to modern and minimalist styles. Choose a candle holder that suits your preferred candle type and complements your home decor.