What Types of Business Signs Should You Choose? A Comprehensive Guide

1. Exterior Signs

Exterior signs are placed outside the business premises to attract attention and guide customers. They can include:
– Building Signs: Large signs mounted on the building facade, often displaying the business name or logo.
– Monument Signs: Freestanding signs positioned at ground level near the entrance of a property.
– Pylon Signs: Tall, freestanding signs typically found near highways or busy roads to increase visibility.
– Awning Signs: Signs attached to awnings or canopies, often displaying the business name or logo.

2. Interior Signs

Interior signs are used within the business premises to provide information and enhance the customer experience. They can include:
– Directional Signs: Signs that provide directions and guide customers to different areas within the building.
– Informational Signs: Signs that provide important information such as opening hours, restroom locations, or safety instructions.
– Menu Boards: Signs displaying the menu and pricing information in restaurants or cafes.
– Point of Sale (POS) Signs: Signs promoting special offers, discounts, or new products near the checkout area.

3. Window Signs

Window signs are placed on the windows of a business to attract attention from passersby. They can include:
– Vinyl Lettering: Customized text or graphics applied directly to the window surface.
– Window Decals: Stickers or graphics that can be easily applied and removed from windows.
– Window Clings: Static cling signs that adhere to the window without the need for adhesive.

4. Vehicle Signs

Vehicle signs are used on company vehicles for advertising and brand recognition. They can include:
– Vehicle Wraps: Full or partial wraps that cover the entire vehicle with custom graphics or branding.
– Magnetic Signs: Removable signs that can be attached to the vehicle using magnets.
– Window Perf: Perforated vinyl applied to the rear window of a vehicle, allowing visibility from the inside while displaying graphics on the outside.

5. Digital Signs

Digital signs use electronic displays or screens to deliver dynamic content. They can include:
– LED Signs: Signs that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to display messages or images.
– Digital Billboards: Large electronic signs often placed along highways or in high-traffic areas.
– Digital Menu Boards: Digital displays used in restaurants or cafes to showcase menus and promotions.

These are just a few examples of the types of business signs available. The choice of sign will depend on factors such as the business type, location, budget, and desired marketing goals.