The Ultimate Guide to Bulb Bases: A Comprehensive Look at Types of Light Bulbs

Types of Bulb Bases

Bulb bases are the part of the bulb that connects to the socket and provides electrical contact. There are several types of bulb bases available, each designed for specific applications and types of light fixtures. Here are some common types of bulb bases:

1. Edison Screw (E)

The Edison Screw (E) is the most common type of bulb base used in household lighting. It features a threaded metal base that screws into the socket. The most common sizes are E26 (medium) and E12 (candelabra). E26 is used for standard-sized bulbs, while E12 is used for smaller bulbs, often found in chandeliers or decorative lighting.

2. Bayonet Mount (B)

The Bayonet Mount (B) is a two-pronged base that is commonly used in Europe, especially in the United Kingdom. It features two pins that lock into corresponding slots in the socket. The most common sizes are B22 (bayonet cap) and B15 (small bayonet cap).

3. Bi-Pin (GU/GX)

The Bi-Pin base is characterized by two pins that plug into the socket. It is commonly used in low-voltage lighting systems, such as track lighting or landscape lighting. The most common types include GU10, G4, G9, and GX53.

4. Medium Bi-Pin (T8/T12)

The Medium Bi-Pin base is specifically used for fluorescent tubes, particularly T8 and T12 tubes. It features two pins that fit into matching sockets on the ends of the tube. These bases are primarily used in commercial and industrial settings.

5. Mogul (EX39)

The Mogul base, also known as EX39, is a large screw base used for high-wattage bulbs such as metal halide or high-pressure sodium lamps. It is primarily used in commercial and outdoor lighting applications.

These are just a few examples of the most common types of bulb bases. It’s important to ensure compatibility between the bulb base and the socket when purchasing bulbs for your specific light fixtures. Refer to the manufacturer’s specifications or consult a lighting professional if you are unsure about the appropriate bulb base for your needs.