A Complete Guide to the Different Types of Birth Control Pills

There are several types of birth control pills available, each containing different combinations and dosages of hormones. Here are the main types of birth control pills:

1. Combination Pills:

Combination pills contain both estrogen and progestin hormones. They are the most commonly prescribed type of birth control pills. Combination pills are available in various formulations, including monophasic, biphasic, and triphasic. Monophasic pills have a consistent dose of hormones throughout the active pill pack, while biphasic and triphasic pills have varying hormone levels.

2. Progestin-Only Pills (Minipills):

Progestin-only pills, also known as minipills, contain only progestin hormones. They are a suitable option for individuals who cannot or prefer not to take estrogen-containing pills. Progestin-only pills need to be taken consistently at the same time each day to maintain effectiveness.

3. Extended-Cycle Pills:

Extended-cycle pills are combination pills that allow for fewer menstrual periods throughout the year. These pills typically have 84 active hormone pills followed by a shorter period of inactive or placebo pills. By taking the active pills for an extended period, such as three months, individuals can reduce the frequency of their periods.

4. Continuous-Use Pills:

Continuous-use pills are similar to extended-cycle pills but without the placebo or inactive pills. They allow for continuous hormone use, resulting in fewer or no menstrual periods. With continuous-use pills, individuals take active hormone pills every day without taking a break for a withdrawal bleed.

It’s important to note that the specific brand names and formulations of birth control pills can vary among different countries and regions. To determine the most suitable birth control pill for your needs, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider. They can assess your medical history, discuss your preferences, and help you select the most appropriate option based on your individual circumstances.