Everything You Need to Know About Different Types of Bathroom Vanities

There are several types of bathroom vanities available, each offering different designs, sizes, and functionalities. Here are some common types of bathroom vanities:

1. Freestanding Vanity:

A freestanding vanity is a standalone unit that rests on the floor and is not attached to the wall. It typically includes a cabinet with drawers or doors for storage and a countertop with a sink. Freestanding vanities offer versatility in terms of style and can be easily moved or replaced if needed.

2. Wall-Mounted Vanity:

A wall-mounted vanity, also known as a floating vanity, is attached to the wall and does not touch the floor. It creates a sleek and modern look and provides a sense of openness in the bathroom. Wall-mounted vanities are available in various sizes and configurations and often include drawers or shelves for storage.

3. Double Vanity:

A double vanity is a larger-sized vanity that includes two sinks and ample countertop space. It is ideal for shared bathrooms or individuals who prefer separate personal grooming areas. Double vanities come in different styles, such as freestanding or wall-mounted, and offer additional storage options.

4. Corner Vanity:

A corner vanity is designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom, making efficient use of space. It is a compact option that provides storage and countertop space while maximizing floor space. Corner vanities come in various sizes and styles, including freestanding or wall-mounted options.

5. Vessel Sink Vanity:

A vessel sink vanity features a countertop with a vessel sink that sits on top rather than being recessed into the vanity. It creates a focal point in the bathroom and offers a contemporary and stylish look. Vessel sink vanities are available in different materials and designs to suit various aesthetic preferences.

6. Makeup Vanity:

A makeup vanity, also known as a dressing table or vanity table, includes a dedicated space for makeup application and grooming. It often features a mirror, drawers, and a comfortable seating area. Makeup vanities can be standalone units or incorporated into a larger vanity for added convenience.

These are just a few examples of bathroom vanity types available. When choosing a bathroom vanity, consider factors such as the available space, storage needs, desired style, and budget to select the one that best suits your requirements and enhances the overall aesthetics of your bathroom.