The Ultimate Guide to Types of Arugula and Their Uses

Arugula, also known as rocket or salad rocket, is a leafy green vegetable known for its peppery and slightly bitter flavor. Here are some common types of arugula:

1. Wild Arugula (Diplotaxis tenuifolia):

Wild arugula has smaller, more deeply lobed leaves compared to other varieties. It has a more pronounced peppery flavor and a slightly spicy kick.

2. Cultivated Arugula (Eruca sativa):

Cultivated arugula is the most commonly found variety in grocery stores and markets. It has broader leaves with less pronounced lobes and a milder peppery flavor.

3. Baby Arugula:

Baby arugula refers to young, tender arugula leaves that are harvested when they are small and have a milder flavor. Baby arugula is often used in salads and as a garnish.

4. Wild Italian Arugula (Diplotaxis erucoides):

Wild Italian arugula is a variety with a stronger, more assertive flavor compared to the standard cultivated arugula. It has larger, spiky leaves and a more intense peppery taste.

5. Dragon’s Tongue Arugula (Diplotaxis muralis):

Dragon’s Tongue arugula is a unique variety with distinctive elongated leaves that resemble the shape of a dragon’s tongue. It has a spicy and peppery flavor similar to wild arugula.

These are just a few examples of arugula varieties, and there may be other localized or regional variations available. Arugula can be enjoyed raw in salads, used as a topping for pizzas and sandwiches, or lightly cooked in various dishes. Its bold flavor adds a unique touch to a wide range of culinary creations.