Explore the Different Types of Art Styles for Drawing

There are numerous art styles in drawing, each with its own unique characteristics and techniques. Here are some popular art styles in drawing:


Realism focuses on accurately depicting subjects as they appear in real life. Artists in this style pay close attention to details, proportions, and shading to create highly realistic and lifelike drawings.


Impressionism is characterized by capturing the essence of a subject through loose brushstrokes and vibrant colors. It emphasizes the play of light and atmosphere, often depicting scenes in a more spontaneous and impressionistic manner.


Expressionism aims to convey emotions and subjective experiences through art. Artists in this style use bold, exaggerated forms, vibrant colors, and dramatic brushwork to express their inner feelings and convey a sense of emotional intensity.


Surrealism explores the realm of dreams, imagination, and the subconscious mind. It often combines realistic elements with fantastical or dreamlike elements to create bizarre and thought-provoking imagery.


Cubism involves depicting subjects from multiple viewpoints, breaking them down into geometric shapes and fragmented forms. This style challenges traditional notions of perspective and representation, emphasizing the abstract nature of the subject.

Abstract Art:

Abstract art does not attempt to represent recognizable forms or objects. It focuses on colors, shapes, lines, and textures to convey emotions, ideas, or concepts. It can range from simple geometric shapes to more complex and non-representational compositions.


Minimalism simplifies forms and eliminates unnecessary details to convey a sense of simplicity, clarity, and minimal visual elements. It often involves clean lines, geometric shapes, and a reduced color palette.

Comic/Graphic Novel Art:

Comic or graphic novel art is a style commonly used in comics and graphic novels. It involves dynamic compositions, bold lines, and expressive characters, combining elements of visual storytelling with drawing techniques.

These are just a few examples of art styles in drawing, and there are many more styles to explore and experiment with. Artists often develop their unique style by blending elements from different styles or creating their own distinctive approach.