The Different Types of Arched Windows and How to Select the Right One for Your Home

Types of Arched Windows

Arched windows are a distinctive architectural feature that adds elegance and character to a building. They come in various designs and styles, offering different aesthetic and functional options. Here are some common types of arched windows:

1. Full-Circle Arched Windows

Full-circle arched windows, also known as round-top windows, have a curved shape that forms a complete circle. They create a dramatic and symmetrical look and are often used in grand architectural designs.

2. Eyebrow Arched Windows

Eyebrow arched windows have a subtle curve at the top, resembling the shape of an eyebrow. They offer a softer and more delicate appearance and are commonly seen in traditional and cottage-style homes.

3. Gothic Arched Windows

Gothic arched windows feature a pointed arch that rises to a peak in the center. They are inspired by Gothic architecture and are characterized by their dramatic and intricate designs. These windows are often found in churches, cathedrals, and buildings with Gothic or medieval influences.

4. Tudor Arched Windows

Tudor arched windows have a flattened arch shape with slightly rounded corners. They are associated with Tudor-style architecture and are commonly seen in traditional and historical buildings. Tudor arched windows add a sense of charm and character to a home.

5. Elliptical Arched Windows

Elliptical arched windows have a curved shape that resembles an elongated ellipse. They offer a graceful and flowing look and are versatile in fitting into various architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary.

6. Quarter-Round Arched Windows

Quarter-round arched windows have a smaller curved section at the top, forming a quarter of a circle. They are often used in smaller openings or combined with other window types to create unique window arrangements.

These are just a few examples of the types of arched windows available. The design possibilities for arched windows are vast, and they can be customized to suit specific architectural styles and preferences.